ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — Celebrating the past, while previewing the future –the Grandin Theatre Foundation will be hosting its 90th Anniversary Gala.

According to the Grandin Theatre Foundation, the event will be held on Saturday, Oct. 22. The Gala will feature a red-carpet, catered food, and a bar. Guests are encouraged to wear fun, formal attire to the event, which will showcase recent capital upgrades to the facility as well as live music performed by Erin and the Wildfire.

According to the Foundation, the Grandin is the oldest arts and cultural organization in the Roanoke region, with its first opening dating back to Mar. 26, 1932.

According to event organizers, the 90th Anniversary Gala holds an open invitation to the Roanoke regions, as well as patrons, donors members, partners, and grantors who support keeping the facility and Foundation operational and vibrant.

“It has been a very interesting and challenging few years. We have seen remarkable circumstances affect us all and we have been forced to navigate uncertain waters in our community, our industry, and our world,” said Ian Fortier, Executive Director. “This is a celebration of how this organization and this community has worked diligently to support and protect this remarkable venue, and how we pivoted from a position of learning to survive to a bright future where we can continue to thrive. We are honored to share this facility and our past and future with our community and celebrate in grand fashion at our 90th Anniversary Gala.”

According to event coordinators, the Gala will also serve as a public showcase of the recent capital upgrades completed to the Main Theatre through the Heart of the Main Campaign, as well as to the main floor lobby, second-floor gallery, and bathrooms.

The Grandin Theatre Foundation is a non-profit, with a mission to preserve the historic Grandin Theatre as a cultural and educational resource devoted to film and the cinematic arts for Western Virginia.

Tickets for the Gala, along with additional information, can be here.