ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — A pandemic trend might be the answer to rising grocery bills.

Jennifer Monroe, owner of Greenbrier Nurseries in Cave Spring, says there was a huge growth in ornamental gardening at the start of quarantine.

Now, she says, there’s a shift, as they’ve seen nearly a 30% jump in home vegetable gardeners.

“Back in 2020, everybody was dealing with the pandemic and that created a very big interest in gardening,” said Monroe. “They’ve really begun to expand their gardens to grow more food sources.”

According to Monroe, her customers are finding healthier diets and reliable produce in their pandemic hobby.

“I think a little bit of that increase has also come from the food scarcity situation, where people have been concerned about supply issues,” she said. “They don’t see fresh produce on the shelves. They see bread not on the shelves, meat products, so they’re thinking, ‘What can I do at home to protect myself?'”