(WFXR) — The Annual Digital Counties Survey has named Montgomery County, Franklin County, and Bedford County as three of the 10 best communities with a population of fewer than 150,000 people when it comes to technological leadership.

Franklin County officials announced on Friday, July 15 that this is the 13th year the county has been recognized nationally as a top leader in technology.

According to the county, the national ranking is issued by the Center for Digital Government (CDG) in partnership with the National Association of Counties (NaCo). The best technology practices and initiatives that assist in government services and enhance security and collaboration are identified by a survey.

“Our nation’s top counties continue to succeed and deliver on key services, breaking down barriers to broadband connectivity and accessibility, building upon innovative and smart initiatives that enable government to better plan for and protect their citizens, constituents, and assets,” Brian Cohen, vice president of CDG, said.

(Photo courtesy: Franklin County)

Seven Virginia counties were recognized on the list.

“The Center for Digital Government is excited to recognize and congratulate this year’s winners for their accomplishments and continuing efforts to use technology to make government better,” Cohen said.

In the last three years, Franklin County has secured millions of dollars in state and federal grants. Through a partnership with broadband providers private sector, thousands of homes are being connected with high-speed broadband connectivity, officials say.

According to Franklin County officials, the top 10 winners in the less than 150,000 population category are:

  1. Nevada County, Calif.
  2. Coconino County, Ariz.
  3. Montgomery County, Va.
  4. Franklin County, Va.
  5. James City County, Va. and Orange County, Va.
  6. Dodge County, Wis.
  7. York County, Va.
  8. Bedford County, Va.
  9. Albemarle County, Va.
  10. Sherburn County, Minn.

“To achieve and maintain a Top 10 National Ranking for thirteen years is a tremendous accomplishment, especially when Franklin County competes in a population bracket that includes counties so much larger in size and budgets,” said Ronnie Thompson, chairman of the Franklin County Board of Supervisors. “This year’s fourth-place ranking speaks volumes about Franklin County’s technology efforts to serve our citizens.”