SALEM, Va (WFXR) — September is Hunger Action Month and Feeding Southwest Virginia (Feeding SWVA) is doing their part to try to ensure no one in the community goes hungry. In response to a lack of donations and available resources, they’ve teamed up with external organizations to combat hunger together.

Feeding SWVA hosted a roundtable discussion with partners and other members of the community to discuss plans for the present as well as the future. President and CEO of Feeding SWVA Pamela Irvine explained that the shelves in the food bank warehouse are nearly bare–adding that it is imperative that the community works together to ensure no one goes hungry.

“The racks are empty, so we know that we can’t keep feeding individuals at the rate we are feeding them now, resources are shrinking so we want to find ways to help families and our neighbors and our communities,” said Irvine.

Officials say its common to get less donations during the months of September and October— which is why they’re partnering with other organizations to meet the current demand.

“We feel that external partnerships and having that opportunity for our community partners and neighbors to influence the work we do and to work with us is going to be extremely important,” Irvine said.

One of Feeding SWVA’s partners is the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints. Daniel Dutton is the first counselor in the State of Presidency for the church and he says the church sends out about 30 tractor trailers per week to food banks across the country—he says fighting hunger is a collaborative effort.

“Nobody has enough resources to do everything, collectively we do much greater work if we work together than we do on our own,” said Dutton.

Feeding SWVA is also pushing a new initiative in the hopes to not only just bring more food to the community—but to bring more nutritious food. The say access to nutritious foods will especially help those with allergies and health related issues to not have to worry so much about their next meal. However, this was just one of the several topics discussed at the roundtable event.

“Today we talked about policy, we talked about how do we help individuals now and then how do we help them in the future to become less food insecure to be able to feed their own families,” said Irvine.

After the roundtable discussion, attendees had the opportunity to participate in a volunteer event to help inspect and disinfect pre-packaged food items to be sent to pantries in the area.

“We participate together we grow together we do great work together and all benefit,” said Dutton.

Feeding SWVA is hosting a community food drive all month long to try to encourage people to donate during Hunger Action Month, however they are also accepting food and monetary donations on an ongoing basis. They are currently not accepting any donations of JIF peanut butter.