VINTON, Va. (WFXR) — Joe Goodpies, a popular pizza place in Vinyard Station, was always full on Friday nights.

That’s what people told WFXR News on Friday, Aug. 5 as they read a notice on Joe Goodpies’ door saying the restaurant would not be reopening for business.

According to that sign on the door, Joe Goodpies will close permanently on Saturday, Aug. 6, despite the fact that employees were unaware of the closure at all. In fact, when they arrived at work on Friday, the doors were locked.

Michelle Duffy, a Joe Goodpies employee, says she was just as confused as the customers when she arrived for her hosting shift on Friday morning.

“We showed up and there was a bunch of cops already there, so one of the managers had gotten word that they were actually shutting down,” said Duffy.

WFXR News emailed and left voicemails for the restaurant’s owner, Jack Winston, but he has yet to respond.

“He went ahead and told all of the employees, but a lot of employees got mad and upset about it, and Jack was there this morning, and I guess everybody just going crazy, he went ahead and called the cops and he said that he was just shutting the doors today,” Duffy said.

Duffy says she worked alongside more than 20 other employees who all lost their jobs as well. She adds that she’s assuming her paycheck will be sent in the mail.

“I feel like there should’ve been some kind of warning so we could literally have looked for jobs and had backup plans,” Duffy said.

According to Duffy, she’s already lined up a new job. In addition, the Joe Goodpies employees are helping each other find work as soon as possible.