Doctors successfully perform a robotic esophagectomy at LewisGale Medical Center

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Robotic Esophagectomy surgery performed at LewisGale Medical Center (Photo Courtesy: LewisGale Medical Center)

SALEM, Va. (WFXR) — LewisGale Medical Center making medical strides with advanced surgery.

The hospital successfully performed a robotic esophagectomy at the facility in Salem. Doctors were able to use state-of-the-art technology to perform delicate and complex operations. Doctors at the hospital were able to make small incisions in the patient’s abdomen and chest during the procedure. They then used robotic arms to remove the esophagus.

“The robot enables me to achieve better visualization offering better control and precise operation,” said Dr. Dominique Dempah, a general surgeon with LewisGale Medical Center. “Additionally, the robotic surgery decreases the number of incisions required to perform the procedure, resulting in less pain for the patient and their faster return to normal activities.”

Before the traditional procedure required doctors to cut an incision from the patient’s breastbone to their belly button, remove the esophagus and reconstruct the pathway.

“Robotic surgery is one of the latest advances in esophageal cancer treatment,” said Dr. James Taylor, a cardiothoracic surgeon with LewisGale Medical Center. “In addition to less pain and a shorter hospital stay, robotic surgery offers a reduced likelihood of infection, fewer cardiopulmonary complications, decreased blood loss, and less scarring.”

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