(WFXR) — After the TPB Enterprise LLC. (Thomas Builders of Virginia) requested to withdraw their application for the Willington Apartment project in Daleville, the Botetourt County Board of Supervisors (BOS) met on March 28th for a final decision.

Daniel Cyrus of Thomas Builders shared that this withdrawal will allow more time to work on additional projects in Botetourt County. The company is currently working on three projects in the area including a car wash, a 240-unit apartment complex, and a building for retail.

On Tuesday, the BOS approved Thomas’s Builder of Virginia withdrawal request. This approval canceled the 6 p.m. public hearing, however, the BOS voted to listen to citizens on the topic during the scheduled meeting.

The Botetourt County Board of Supervisors Chair, Dr. Mac Scothorn says during their February meeting citizens were not able to share their thoughts on the Wellington Apartment project. However, Tuesday’s meeting gave citizens the opportunity to speak on the topic and allowed public comment.

I along with other Board of Supervisors members, believe it is important to listen to our citizens and their comments as they were unable to speak on this particular topic during the February 28th meeting. The basis of this was to allow the developer time (at their request) to make changes that they felt would have provided for a better project,”

– said Supervisors Chair, Dr. Mac Scothorn.

BOTETOURT COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) – Botetourt County has received a withdrawal request from TPB Enterprise LLC. (Thomas Builders of Virginia) for a planned 300-unit apartment complex in Daleville on March 24th.

Thomas Builders of Virginia submitted an application to the County for two separate permits to construct the Wellington apartment project. After getting approval from the County’s planning commission with a 3-2 vote in February 2023, the consideration of the project was then tabled by the Board of Supervision on Feb. 28th, to allow the company time to consider improvements to the project.

“The Wellington project withdrawal will allow us to place focus on our other projects in Botetourt. We are already in the process of investing more than $50 million in Botetourt and are looking at additional investments in the future as we build projects and relationships in this wonderful community,” said Daniel Cyrus of Thomas Builders.

As of Friday, the company’s current request is to withdraw further consideration of the project by the County entirely. Botetourt County says these requests are typically granted upon a vote by the Board of Supervisors.

Thomas Builders of Virginia is currently building a car wash and a building for retail lease in the Orchard Marketplace Shopping Center in Daleville. The company has also started demolition work to begin constructing a 240-unit luxury apartment community on the former Howard Johnson’s motel.

If the motion to remove this request is approved by the Board of Supervisors at the 2 p.m. session on March 28th, there will be no public hearing. However, if it is denied the Thomas Builders of Virginia’s request to withdraw its application is scheduled to be heard by the board on Tuesday during the public hearing at 6 p.m.