ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — Tanglewood Mall was busy on April 17th with the grand opening of Chili’s.

This is all a part of the county’s strategy to reinvent Tanglewood Mall and Route 419. Chili’s is one of many projects involved in the $15 million dollar investment in the Tanglewood Mall area, which will add 91 jobs to the community over time.

The General Manager of Chili’s, David Pendergast, says they already have a full staff, and this is going to be a fantastic opportunity for Roanoke.

“During the whole interview process, everybody has been like, ‘It’s been two decades we have been waiting,’ and so this is a very exciting moment for me and my crew and for the trainers that I have here, for everybody. And I know that Roanoke is ready, and we are ready for them,” said Pendergast.

Kim Watkins, the Director of Operations for Chili’s, says that even she doesn’t think they’ll be impacted, even with high inflation right now.

“We offer value, so you know, ‘3 For Me’ is a big deal. And I mean, we have kid’s coupons,” said Watkins. “We have a lot to offer, as far as value.”

Chili’s staff were not the only ones who were excited on Monday. Customers said they have watched the Chili’s being built over time, and they were very excited about the grand opening.

“It’s going to draw a lot more people in here. It will probably hurt some other businesses, but I’m sure at first they’ll be jam-packed,” said Salem resident Stanely Marks.

“Now that we have one here, I feel it’s going to have great potential with great monetary assets and jobs for the community, and just be a great family place,” said Roanoke resident Lisa Hodges.

The county has made 15 new business announcements since 2021. They have created over 700 jobs and more than $70 million dollars in capital investments in the Route 419 corridor.

Chili’s employees prepared for a full house from opening to closing on Monday. They encourage everyone to check out the restaurant and eat!