ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — Carilion announced plans Thursday to move their outpatient mental health facilities from Jefferson Street to the Tanglewood Mall– set to open in Fall 2023. They’re hoping the move will make those resources more easily accessible.

Dr. Robert Trestman is the chair of psychiatry and behavioral medicine at Carilion and he says he hopes putting the new facility in a shopping mall will help normalize getting mental health treatment and end the stigma.

“We are hoping to see transformation in the way our community views mental illness and substance abuse disorders,” said Dr. Trestman.

Dr. Trestman says doctors will see at least 800 patients of all ages each week at their new two story, 37,000 square foot facility

“We’ll be providing care for very young children all the way through the very elderly,” said Dr. Trestman.

He says that putting the outpatient facility in a shopping mall will increase ease of access– adding that the facility will be on a bus line for those who need transportation.

Jason Peters is the Vice Chairman for the Roanoke Board of Supervisors, and he says this new facility will make getting mental health treatment easier on patients and providers.

“Having everything in one location, it’s not only going to help our folks in our community but it’s also going to help providers,” Peters said.

The facility will have therapy rooms, support groups, clinician officers as well as telemedicine capabilities– Dr. Trestman says early action is key when it comes to mental health.

“To maintain someone’s health we want to do everything we can to prevent a deterioration in illness. making it easy to receive access to care sooner rather than later, is really important,” said Dr. Trestman.

The new center will be located right next to the Carilion Children’s Clinic.

“I think it’s just providing a central location where all of that will be housed,” said Peters.