(WFXR) — Summer activities are already in full swing in southwest and central Virginia, and while we all want to have a little fun in the sun, it’s important to be safe, especially with temperatures heating up.

Doctors with Carilion Clinic say they treat many patients who suffer heat exhaustion — or even heat stroke — during these summer months.

Health experts stress the importance of staying in an indoor, air-conditioned location as much as you can; staying hydrated; and checking on your friends or neighbors when it gets really hot.

“Anything with heat, it can come up on you really quickly, it can happen to any of us,” said Ottilia Lewis, trauma outreach coordinator for Carilion Clinic, “and obviously we want to make sure our friends are safe, just like how we’re trying to keep ourselves safe, so make sure to check up on your friends, to keep them safe is really important.”

Doctors also suggest limiting your outdoor activities, especially midday when the sun is at its peak. They also recommend wearing and reapplying sunscreen as indicated on the packaging.