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A Virginia teen needs your help finding a match for a kidney donor.

Another day and another doctor’s visit for 19 year old Lexie Hurley. Something that unfortunately has become the norm in her life starting at a young age when she came down with the flu.

“It attacked her kidney right before her 10th birthday. So she’s been suffering from kidney failure since right before she turned 10,” said Trish Farris.

Farris is Lexie’s mom but is disqualified as a potential donor. Lexie did receive a new kidney in 2015. Sadly, after another battle with the flu that kidney failed as well.

“I’m sitting there beside her, and she’s so sick, and there’s nothing I can do to make it better, but advertising to find a savior for her is something I can do,” said Farris.

They’re amping up the effort to find a donor because Lexie’s list of possible matches recently ran out.

“I always have a positive attitudes but sometimes it goes down,” said Lexie.

Lexie says it was tough news to hear that they had to start from square one on the search, and she hopes something will happen soon so she can stop her almost daily visits to the hospital for dialysis.

“Waking up at 5:30 3, sometimes 4 and 5 times a week, sitting there for 3 to 4 hours. It takes a hard time on you. Come home, sleep, don’t want to do anything,” said Hurley.

The fight continues for her. She says she understands it’s a lot to ask someone to donate with the surgery, and the recovery.

“It’s a lot to take on in your mind, but the thrill of saving someone’s life is a lot stronger than that,” said Hurley.

Lexie believes someone will come along soon as a match and this will all work out. For now she draws her strength from her friends, family, and the good times filled with laughs and smile as she waits for someone to save her life.

Once she finds a donor, Lexie wants to go to college to be a pediatric nurse, and help kids with kidney disease.

Click here to reach out to Lexie if you’d like to be tested for a match:

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