Roanoke joins Waze app Connected Citizens Program

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The City of Roanoke has announced it is joining the Waze app Connected Citizens Program.

Waze is an app that gives community-based traffic and navigation that helps people find the best routes.

This program provides Roanoke with anonymous information on congestion, road closures, rerouting due to event, and accidents. The information comes directly from the drivers.

In exchange, Roanoke will provide real-time government-reported construction, crash and road closure data.

Waze also can give information during emergency situations like nearby shelters, open gas stations, and an SOS button to call other Wazers for roadside assistance.

City officials believe this will promote safer travel for Roanoke citizens.

“The city is confident that Waze can be a means for sharing locations of incidents and unplanned events that affect travel,” said Transportation Manager Mark Jamison.

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