ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — During their Tuesday meeting, the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors voted to add the Hollins Center Plan to the comprehensive plan for the county.

Roanoke County officials have been working to gather input and figure out ways to improve the Hollins area with this plan for the past two years and held a public hearing Tuesday, July 28, after the final draft was presented.

The plan includes different improvements to the area, such as streetscapes, building renovations, and potential new businesses.

The Director of Planning for the county, Philip Thompson says they chose Hollins because of its access to I-81, its local university, and its gateway into Roanoke County.

“Looking at our zoning ordinances and developing some zoning guidelines for hopefully future mixed-use developments. As if there is interest from developers to try to put more higher density, residential, commercial projects in that area,” said Thompson.

Part of the plan includes re-doing the library.

“It’s the second busiest library in the system. So whether it’s upgraded at its current location, or relocated to a more central location in the Plantation, Williamson Road area, that was a big interest to the citizens,” Thompson said.

During public comment at the meeting on Tuesday, the board heard from Chase Huffman, who says his family owns a farm in Hollins, but he feels like they weren’t included in the planning process.

“We haven’t really received any kind of mailings or any kind of information over the past couple of years as far as what the plan was,” said Huffman.

County staff took down his address at the meeting in hopes of fixing the problem.

“Postcards were sent out, we need to check their addresses. If it’s not correct and they aren’t getting it, obviously that’s not something we want to do,” said Thompson.

Now that the Hollins Center Plan has been added to the comprehensive plan, the work can begin.

“Ideally we start implementing the plan. Looking at transportation projects, looking at development projects, redevelopment projects, looking at streetscapes improvements, as well as some intersection improvements.”

Thompson says having this in the comprehensive plan also helps for funding these projects. He hopes they can start soon, but also says the plan is for a 10 year period.

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