Roanoke Board of Zoning Appeals approves of cell tower in Preston Park

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The Roanoke Board of Zoning Appeals approved of a communications tower that will be located in Preston Park. 

The board approved of the application under the condition the tower be a monopole and not a monopine, as initially proposed. Zoning members stated they felt a monopine would be more distracting than a regular cell phone tower.

A monopine is a cell phone tower that is camouflaged to look like a pine tree. The application initially proposed the tower be 93-feet with artificial tree branches that would extend above the tower to 99 feet. The application states the tower will not be lit, emit any odor, fumes or glare and the noises emitted from the equipment won’t be any louder than normal residential HVAC equipment. 

“It won’t affect the network. It will only affect how it looks,” said David Goldsmith of Milestone Communications.

The tower will be owned by Milestone Communications and Shentel will be the anchor tenant.

“This will enhance the coverage and capacity for the users around there,” said Goldsmith.

The recommendation from the zoning board will be forwarded to the city council for a final vote. 

The vote for another cell tower in Fallon Park was continued to their August 8 meeting because of an error on the application. 

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