BEDFORD, Va (WFXR) — This weekend marks one year since a devastating tornado hit Bedford County causing extensive damage to multiple homes and leaving thousands of community members without power.

On Sunday, WFXR took a visit back to Bethany Church Circle where the tornado devastated multiple properties to speak with neighbors about how they’re feeling one year later. Melissa Williams and her daughter Claire say they remember that day vividly, saying they never expected something so catastrophic to hit so close to home.

“I came outside, and I thought ‘Oh I’ll just see a few limbs or brush down’ and come to find out that telephone poles were tilted over in the road, trees were all down, our barn was demolished, the roof was off of our general store, and it was pretty significant and scary,” said Williams.

Williams says her home only had minor damage but adds that over the last year, she has watched some of her neighbors start from scratch rebuilding their homes.

She says the community response following the disaster is one silver lining of the situation.

“To see people coming and working and friends coming to help us really makes a huge difference,” said Williams.

She especially thanks the first responders who were working diligently to keep everyone safe immediately following the disaster.