Reactions to Governor Northam’s proposal of tolls on Interstate 81

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We started with an erasable marker, white board, and a question, how much would you pay to travel on Interstate 81?

“I don’t like it, nobody likes it, but recognizing  how little we are willing to really improve infrastructure in our country, it needs to be done. We have tolls all over the Northeast, they’re building them all over the place, in Florida, some how some way, we gotta do it,”  said Gary Vomlehn who was traveling on 81.

Some travelers said they wouldn’t mind paying a toll.

“Running a lot of the interstate going from Winchester to Bristol, I’d be willing to drop 10 to 15 bucks,” said Gary Vomlehn, who was traveling on 81.

but other’s were not easily convinced.

“It’s definitely annoying since me and my fiancĂ© are kinda in the struggle right now, but I mean I guess I can understand why he is doing it.” said Julianna Cumella who lives in the area.

Julianna and her fiancé use Interstate 81 to travel to and from family and friends in the area.

“We do a lot of traveling from Ferrum to Christiansburg,” said Julianna Cumella who lives in the area.

They say if the tolls are put in place, they may take a different route.

“I would probably go around it, honestly,” said Julianna Cumella who lives in the area.

So we end with a whiteboard and a simple question…how much are you willing to pay in tolls if it means fixing 81?

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