PULASKI COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — If you are taking a trip to the New River Valley and are looking to explore the rich history of the area, Pulaski County is sharing a new tool that will make your visit fun and interactive.

On June 7, the town of Pulaski announced the new “Phone Booth Guideries.” The town says the COVID-19 pandemic acted as a boost for the digital age and the engagement with tourists changed from face-to-face to online interactions.

Pulaski County viewed this change as an opportunity and a creative team came up with a new idea for a “Visitor Center.”

“We had to figure out a way to properly adapt to the digital space, but at the same time focus on attracting people to the area and engaging them with physical attractions,” said Peggy White, Pulaski County Tourism Director.

That’s when the idea for the ”Phone Booth Guidery” came to light. The creative team decided that the best way to provide information to tourists was to create “guideries” at different locations across the county. In the booths, visitors will have access to “The Yellow Book,” a booklet of QR codes that link to attractions and business websites across the New River Valley.

(Photo Courtesy:Pulaski County)

Town officials say the guideries are a combination of the future digital tourism while showcasing the rich history of Pulaski. The booths were constructed in tribute to phone booths that were manufactured by Pulaski Furniture in 1977.

“These Guideries are awesome, they are so easy to use. They provide easy-access information for the entire New River Valley through QR codes. This is cutting-edge technology for tourism and I’m excited to have it here in Pulaski County,” said Laura Walters, Pulaski County Board of Supervisors Chair.

The “Phone Booth Guideries” will be placed at several different key locations within the coming weeks.

WFXR News will update you with additional details as they are released.