Pulaski Church of God to rebuild after tragic fire

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It’s been almost a year and a half since the Pulaski Church of God went up in flames.

Today, they finally received their building permits to build a new sanctuary and children’s wing.

“This is not only a landmark day for the church, but a landmark day for the community,” said senior pastor, Donald Jones.

Jeramey Fleenor is the church’s youth pastor, and saw the church burn to the ground. For him, this is a fresh start.

“What I think is going to be a new, and the church, a new chapter in our church – almost a restart of what this church can be, not only here but in our community.”

He decided to use the heartbreak as a way for the congregation to rally together.

“The heartache and the pain and the hardship of losing what was so precious to all of us – and then rejoice is what we’re doing now, and what we’re going to be able to do when we can elevate our ministry to a new level.”

Senior pastor Donald Jones says the support from the community is one of the biggest ways his congregation was able to push through.

“The community has been tremendous,” he said. “They have reached out to us – other churches have reached out to us. We temporarily worshipped in the Pensacola Holiness Conference campground over in Dublin, and we were there for a couple of months and businesses around.”

They’ve been using their old dining hall as a way to keep their service going.

“It’s been a blessing – it seats about 325, and it’s worked out very well,” said Jones. “It was a nice dining hall – it will go back to a dining hall but it’s worked out very well for a temporary worship facility.”

Now, the church is ready for a fresh start.

“We were going to turn the corner, and start rejoicing and having joy in the things that were in our future.”

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