UPDATE 10:36 p.m.: The Blacksburg Police Department announced Saturday night that Jamel D. Flint — who was facing multiple charges in connection with Friday night’s hookah lounge shooting that left a Roanoke teenager dead and four people injured — was taken into custody in Roanoke without incident.

Even though Flint is in custody, police say this case is still under investigation, so anyone with information is asked to contact the Blacksburg Police Department at 540-443-1400. You can also remain anonymous by calling the Blacksburg Police Tip Line at 540-961-1819.

There were several departments that helped the Blacksburg Police, including the Blacksburg Rescue Squad, the Virginia Tech Police Department, the Virginia Tech Rescue Squad, the Christiansburg Police Department, Virginia State Police, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, the New River Valley 911 Center, the FBI, and the U.S. Marshals Service.

UPDATE 7:37 p.m.: The Blacksburg Police Department is on the lookout for a Roanoke man wanted in connection with the hookah lounge shooting that happened late Friday night, leaving four people injured and one dead.

According to the department, 24-year-old Jamel D. Flint is facing charges for first-degree murder in connection with the death of 18-year-old Isiah O. Robinson of Roanoke, four counts of attempted first-degree murder, and one count of use of a firearm while committing or attempting to commit murder.

(Photos: Courtesy Blacksburg Police Department)

Police say Flint is considered armed and dangerous. If you have any information on where he could be you are asked to use caution and contact your police department or the Blacksburg Police Department at 540-443-1400. You can also remain anonymous by calling the Blacksburg Police Tip Line at 540-961-1819 or emailing ciu@blacksburg.gov.

UPDATE 7:17 p.m.: WFXR News has learned from family and friends that the person who died in the late-night Melody Hookah Lounge shooting was a Patrick Henry High School student.

Roanoke City Public Schools released a statement on Saturday, Feb. 5, which you can read below:

We are saddened by the death of a member of our Patrick Henry High School family.  Our thoughts are with all those who are grieving. We understand many in our community may have feelings of grief, loss, anger, or fear and encourage you to reach out for support.

Roanoke City Public Schools counselors are here to support our school community. They will be available on Monday at both Patrick Henry and William Fleming High Schools from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for any students and staff who need support. We will also have counseling available through Teams. Additionally, there are resources on the Quick Links of the Roanoke City Public Schools’ website under Resources for Parents and Guardians. These resources will assist families should they need to have conversations about grief with their child. Immediate support is also available by calling Carilion CONNECT at (540) 981.8181.

We are here to support our RCPS family and hope the community will join us in respecting the privacy of the family as they grieve.

Roanoke City Public Schools

At the time of this writing, the Blacksburg Police Department has not confirmed the identity of the student who has died.

UPDATE 5:58 p.m.: Virginia Tech’s President, Tim Sands posted a thank you to all first responders regarding the late Friday night shooting.

Thanks to all of last night’s first responders. We are especially proud of and thankful for our @vt_rescue volunteers who tirelessly serve our community and save lives while managing the challenges of being full-time @virginia_tech students #admiration#UtProsim

Tim Sands, President of Virginia Tech

UPDATE 3:03 p.m.: WFXR News is learning more about the Virginia Tech student who was injured during the shooting.

According to Virginia Tech’s Twitter account, he is out of surgery, recovering and seems to be doing well.

UPDATE 2:42 p.m.: The Vice President of Student Affairs for Virginia Tech released a statement regarding the shooting that killed one person and injured four others.

Frank Shushok Jr. provided this message to students:

Dear Hokies,

I write to you about the troubling situation that occurred in downtown Blacksburg late Friday night. The incident, according to the Blacksburg Police Department, occurred at Melody Hookah Lounge, 109 North Main Street.

I understand how disconcerting this news is to hear. I can’t overstate how important it is to take care of yourself and seek support as needed. 

I’ve listed several important resources below, the full release from the Blacksburg Police follows.

The Blacksburg Police Department is investigating this incident, and we will share all new information that is released from them on vt.edu.

We can always count on Hokies coming together in difficult moments like this one.

Frank Shushok Jr., Vice President for Student Affairs at Virginia Tech

The university is providing many avenues for students.

UPDATE 11:55 am: Melody Hookah Lounge, the site of the shooting that killed one person and injured four more, released a statement on social media.

In the statement, they mention that, moving forward, they are going to be adding additional precautions for customers.

We are deeply hurt and devastated of what happened Friday night, our condolences go to the families and friends of everyone who were affected. Moving foward we will add more precautions and regulations in place for this types of situations.

Melody Hookah Lounge Facebook page

UPDATE 11:35 a.m.: U.S. Sen. Mark Warner has released a statement regarding the shooting at the Melody Hookah Lounge in Blacksburg.

“Incredibly saddened to see another act of gun violence in the Commonwealth this week. My heart is with the people of Blacksburg and the entire Virginia Tech community.”

U.S. Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA)

UPDATE 10 a.m.: Blacksburg Transit has updated its status, saying that it is operating in Blacksburg and Christiansburg on normal route, but MSS, TTT, and Harding/Hethwood routes are on detours.

UPDATE 8:20 a.m.: North Main Street near Roanoke Street has reopened to traffic in downtown Blacksburg after the overnight shooting at the Melody Hookah Lounge — the site of a shooting where one person was killed and four others were injured.

UPDATE 8 a.m.: Blacksburg Transit says service is suspended for Saturday following the overnight shooting downtown that left four people injured and one dead.

UPDATE 7 a.m.: Authorities are asking anyone who may have any information about the shooting to contact the Blacksburg Police Department by calling 540-443-1400 or to remain anonymous, call 540-961-1819 or email ciu@blacksburg.gov.

UPDATE 6:40 a.m.: Virginia Tech President Tim Sands has released a letter to the campus community regarding the shooting that took place overnight.

In the letter, which can be read below, Sands says that one of the reported four people who were injured was a student at Virginia Tech.

He has expressed his condolences to those affected by the shooting.

Dear members of the Virginia Tech community,

Shortly before midnight last night, Blacksburg Police responded to a report of shots fired at the Melody Hookah Lounge in downtown Blacksburg. The Blacksburg Police Department has released a statement that one person was killed; four others were injured, one of whom was a Virginia Tech student. At this time, the names of the victims have not been released. Our condolences go out to the family and friends of the deceased and we extend our support to those who were injured.

Events like this are difficult and unsettling to all of us. Please care for yourself and seek assistance if you need it. Campus resources are listed below. Our community is strong, and our strength is derived from our genuine care and concern for one another.

Blacksburg Police are leading this ongoing investigation and we are assisting. If you have information about this case, please contact the Blacksburg Police Department at (540) 443-1400 or you can remain anonymous by calling the Blacksburg Police Tip Line at (540) 961-1819 or by emailing ciu@blacksburg.gov.

We will continue to share the latest information on this incident at vt.edu.

Tim Sands,

UPDATE 5:34 a.m.: The Blacksburg Police Department is officially calling Friday night’s shooting incident involving multiple people at the Melody Hookah Lounge a homicide investigation.

According to authorities, five individuals were injured in the shooting, four were transported to local hospitals, and one is dead.

The extent of the injuries of those transported to local hospitals is not known at this time.

This remains an ongoing investigation.

UPDATE: 3:22 a.m.: Shortly after 3:20 a.m., Virginia Tech posted on their Facebook page that the ‘secure in place’ has ended but to avoid downtown.

Blacksburg Police remain on scene as this remains an ongoing investigation.

WFXR News’ Kelsey Jean-Baptiste is on the scene at this time gathering information and will continue to provide live updates on WFXR News’ Facebook page.

UPDATE 2:02 a.m.: The Blacksburg Police Department has released additional information about the overnight shooting reported in the downtown area.

According to the department, officers responded at approximately 11:53 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 4, to a report of shots fired at the Melody Hookah Lounge located at 109 N Main Street.

Authorities say multiple individuals were transported from the scene to local hospitals.

A number of law enforcement agencies are on the scene, assisting in the area and following up on leads.

WFXR News’ Kelsey Jean-Baptiste has been on the scene gathering information and getting student reaction.

“We were downtown tonight at Top Of The Stairs when we got the first alert that there were shots heard at the 7-Eleven here. We contemplated whether we should stay or go, but we figured it was probably safest for us to stay at the bar until we heard more,” said Virginia Tech student Ella Moore. “The rumor on the street, that I heard at least, was that someone was shot outside of the hookah bar. I’m not exactly sure on what the details are, but we just gathered everyone, stayed together, and then we all walked home together as a group.”

Virginia Tech student Gutherie Martin and his friend also heard that the shooting happened at the hookah lounge.

“I haven’t heard much tonight. I just heard there’s a shooting at the hookah lounge. We were listening to the police scanner and decided to come check out the situation and see what was going on,” said Martin.

David Probsd, Martin’s friend, described what it was like when they first heard about the shooting.

“You get a little scared and then we locked the door. And we told Ray, our roommate, we advised him not to go walk the dog. We heard a lot of sirens and stuff, too,” said Probsd.

This remains an ongoing investigation.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact the Blacksburg Police Department at 540-443-1400 or you can remain anonymous by calling the Blacksburg Police Tip Line at 540-961-1819. You can also contact Blacksburg Police by email with information at ciu@blacksburg.gov.

UPDATE 1:14 a.m.: According to a Virginia Tech Facebook post just after 1 a.m., “Continue to secure in place. Emergency personnel on scene. Call 911 for help.”

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WFXR) — Shortly before midnight, Virginia Tech tweeted reports of shots fired at West Roanoke Street and Draper Road SW in Blacksburg.

VT Alerts later tweeted “continue to secure in place.”

Image of VT Alerts tweets

Virginia Tech also posted on Facebook a warning of a person with a gun reported near West Roanoke Street and Draper Road. The post also advises to “stay inside” and to “secure doors.”

Emergency personnel are on the scene.

WFXR News has a crew on the way to the scene and will have more information as it becomes available.