PULASKI, Va. (WFXR)– Some people living in the Town of Pulaski are complaining about their new trash collection service.

Last year, the town made it known that effective Jan. 1st, they were parting ways with Pulaski County Public Service Authority and switching to GFL (Green for Life) to provide collection services for town residents.

Town Manager, Darlene Burcham says this decision was the first change in 36 years. The contract with Pulaski was from 1986.

Burcham says the decision was not made lightly.

“We met on several occasions with representatives of the former vendor PSA, in an effort to try to get them to improve service. When that didn’t happen, we issued a request for proposals,” said Burcham.

That’s when GFL was selected.

She says their service improvements came at the same cost with a 95-gallon container for each residence and business currently receiving curbside collection, a weekly collection of trash, bulk collection once a month, upgraded convenience center equipment, fewer holiday service changes, and more.

However, even with the positive changes, residents say they are experiencing slow service and some haven’t received their trash cans or dumpsters yet.

Town resident, Kathy Wright, lives at ‘Pulaski Village Apartments,’ a 65 & up, disabled community.

She says when the waste management switch happened, she thought they were untouched.

“Because we were on dumpsters, I didn’t think that it was going to affect us. So, last Monday is when our dumpster got removed,” said Wright.

Since then, Wright says GFL has not yet delivered a new dumpster, and trash is piling up.

“It causes animals, bugs, rodents — It’s just unhealthy,” Wright explains.

She adds, for a community like hers, trash cans are not the solution either because many residents are not able to pull them to the curb.

“If one is on a walker or something like that, it’s hard to pitch it,” said Wright.

Burcham says the complaints are not falling on deaf ears, and the waste management company is working to get out everyone’s cans or dumpsters.

“I know from a nightly cause that I get from their manager, that those employees are working until six or seven at night in order to make sure those deliveries occur,” said Burcham.

She adds, if there are more issues, contact the Town of Pulaski’s Facebook page, assuring that she herself monitors and answers resident concerns.

Wright says for her community, all she just wants is to see it get back to normal.

“Pulaski is a beautiful area, and I was born here, and you have never seen this, and now it is becoming trashy,” said Wright.

Burcham apologizes that it hasn’t been an easy road for people, but says change is inevitable, and she knows things will improve soon.