PULASKI COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) – Following a series of threats made against Pulaski County Middle School, Pulaski County School Officials announced the Uvalde Foundation for Kids will continue its recruitment of STOPNOW patrol team off campus volunteer program.

STOPNOW patrols are part of a nationwide grassroots effort by the Uvalde Foundation to prevent violence from coming onto and disrupting school campuses and endangering student lives. It is also empowering concerned parents and community members to engage in participation in their students and schools wellbeing.

The patrol will not want to interfere with the system that is currently working at the district and school level but will decide to continue the school neighborhood patrol launch program in the Pulaski Middle and High School neighborhoods. This announcement comes after ongoing safety concerns have been made by both students and parents about off campus safety.

“The Uvalde Foundation for Kids is confident in the heart for & ability of Pulaski County Schools & law enforcement officials to protect their students,” said Daniel Chapin, the Founding National Director for the Uvalde Foundation. “While we are not in nor seeking collaboration currently with the district nor law enforcement for any on campus support teams or supplemental student safety programs, our off campus/district volunteer patrol program is proceeding forward.”

According to the Uvalde Foundation, 13 individuals have already signed up and will undergo background clearance and training in ‘Situational Awareness’ prior to joining the patrol team operations for Pulaski.

For more information, visit the Uvalde Foundation’s website.