PULASKI COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — Springtime is near, and for Pulaski County Parks and Recreation that means new activities!

They’re launching thirteen new clubs, including a women’s self-defense class. For self-defense instructor, Megan McCallister teaching women situational awareness is important.

“We try to get through to however many people as we can. so this can save someone,” said McCallister.

McAllister herself is a survivor.

“When I was a teenager I was 16 years old, and I was abducted by a local man and he drugged me and he did really bad things,” said McAllister.

She now has an extensive background in martial arts and tactical defense combat, tools she uses to help other women along with her partner David Trail. They teach self-defense classes across the new river valley. Their latest will be at the Old Dublin Middle School.

“Statistics will say that women will are more likely to be targets of sexual attacks,” said Trail.

McAllister explains sexual assault and domestic violence are so prevalent in today’s society. She even compares it to endemic levels.

Their class is one of 13 new clubs being offered in different spots across pulaski county this spring.

“We really want to focus on mental emotional and physical health for the citizens of pulaski county, so when we started brainstorming clubs, we tried to be untraditional from parked and recs would normally offer,” Jenna Kinder, Pulaski Parc and Rec Program Manager.

These clubs are offered in collaboration with volunteers from the community who are excited to share their knowledge and expertise with residents.

Kinder says anyone is welcome to participate, and they are free to the public. Each club has a max capacity which can be found in the Spring 2023 brochure. If a club reaches max capacity, you can contact the Pulaski County Parcs and Rec department for assistance.

McAllister and Trail note survivors, who want to take their course, should be aware of triggers in the class.

They reassure anyone who wants to take the class, they are trained in helping people navigate those waters.

The clubs will run from March 26 through May 20 and registration is available from Feb. 20 to March 20.