NARROWS, Va. (WFXR) — Neighbors in Narrows said they fear for the children playing in their neighborhood — including their great-grandchildren — after an accused child abductor was spotted in their neighborhood and entered their church.

Bill and Lois Riddle have been married for nearly 60 years and have attended New Valley Fellowship, they say, since it sprung out of the ground. Now, they feel a little less safe.

“I have a little four-year-old that has blonde hair, blue eyes, and is a doll baby, and I think what if it had been him,” Lois explained.

The couple recently was notified that Nancy Fridley — the accused abductor of Giles County two-year-old Noah Trout — had been in their neighborhood back in March, potentially scoping out the area prior to entering their church doors Sunday.

“(She) sat down for like seconds and get up and leave. Asked for the bathroom,” Bill shared.

The Riddles tell WFXR News Fridley was only in their church, New Valley Fellowship, for a short amount of time, but she claimed to be looking for someone named “Mikey”.

Lois says the congregation did not believe Fridley and the minister’s wife took action escorting out of the church.

Great-grandparents tell WFXR News their concern is for their own small children who often played in the neighborhood around the two churches that are 0.1 miles apart.

Lois and Bill Riddle said, “It was scary, it is scary.”

The couple plans to hug their daughters, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren a little bit tighter the next time they meet.