UPDATE 8:31 p.m.: Two Mountain Valley Pipeline protestors are being charged with felony kidnapping, felony larceny, and misdemeanor riot/unlawful assembly after they tried to block a pipe truck in Gile County Friday.

Appalachians Against Pipelines says Thomas Adams locked himself to a pipe truck and blockaded a bridge in Giles County at the intersection of Brickyard Road and Gristmill Lane. He was extracted and arrested.

A woman named Molly, who the group says had been at the support rally, was arrested along with Adams.

Both are being held without bond, according to the New River Valley Regional Jail.

UPDATE 1:20 p.m.: Appalachians Against Pipelines says that the protester who locked himself to a pipe truck and blockaded a bridge in Giles County for more than two hours on Friday has been extracted and arrested.

In addition, the group says another person on site was arrested and a vehicle was seized.

Meanwhile, Mountain Valley Pipeline sent the following response to WFXR News about the latest protest in Giles County:

We condemn the illegal and dangerous tactics of those who put themselves and others at risk through these kinds of criminal acts. Mountain Valley has worked diligently for more than six years to comply with every federal, state and local law and regulation related to the development, construction and operation of this important infrastructure project.

While we respect the opinions of those who oppose this pipeline and natural gas infrastructure, we believe there is common ground for all Virginians – and, indeed, all Americans – to reject the kind of attention-seeking, criminal behavior promoted by certain project opponents such as those engaged in today’s activities.

Mountain Valley remains focused on working with communities, protecting natural resources and safely providing the affordable, cleaner energy that the public – in Virginia and across the eastern United States – demands

Mountain Valley Pipeline

GILES COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — A Mountain Valley Pipeline protester has not only blocked a pipe truck as it was crossing a bridge over Sinking Creek in Giles County, but he has locked himself to the truck, Appalachians Against Pipelines says.

According to the group, Thomas Adams — a Montgomery County resident, hydrologist, and elected Director of the Skyline Soil and Water Conservation District — said, “Many will ask: why have I chained myself to a truck carrying pipe for the Mountain Valley Pipeline? I had no choice.”

“I know what looms before us if we continue down the path with our obsessive use of fossil fuels. As a scientist and engineer who has been active in the field of water resources and hydrometeorology in the U.S. and internationally, working on issues related to climate change and global warming, I believe the science. The science is unequivocal,” Adams continued. “The consequences stemming from our use of fossil fuels and atmospheric loading of greenhouse gasses (GHGs) from anthropogenic emissions are dire. It is not hyperbole to say that we are in the midst of the collapse of global ecosystems. Scientific studies show this is happening now. This necessarily implies the death of hundreds of millions, if not billions, of humans as a direct result of global atmospheric warming.”

Appalachians Against Pipelines says the blocked bridge is in Maybrook at the intersection of Brickyard Road and Gristmill Lane, which is being used as a pipeline access road.

WFXR News has reached out to the Mountain Valley Pipeline for a response to this protest.

This news comes less than two weeks after another Mountain Valley Pipeline protester, Alice Elliot, locked herself to equipment suspended 20 feet in the air at a pipeline construction site in Giles County.