MONTGOMERY CO. (WFXR) — A Love’s Travel Plaza is being proposed in Elliston, at the corner of North Fork and Pedlar roads, just off I-81.

The development would include a convenience store, a fast-service restaurant, a tire shop, and a truck-service center. The lot would have 172 parking spots and provide overnight parking for truckers. Shakur Abdull is a truck driver who stopped in Elliston Monday afternoon.

“It would be great for people in the industry,” he said, adding that there aren’t enough truck stops for drivers to pull over for the night in Virginia.

The proposal says that the extra parking for truck drivers will decrease the number of trucks parked on shoulders and ramps in the area.

However, locals at Monday night’s Montgomery County Board of Supervisors’ meeting had concerns. One was the large sign that will be built and lit up to advertise the truck stop. They say a church nearby could be impacted by the light and noise.

It’s also estimated that the truck stop will generate 6,736 trips a day on North Fork Road. There are currently over a thousand trips made on that road every day.

Dan Moreli says the increase in traffic is worrisome for parents.

“A lot of us who live back off of 128 have kids who may be traveling across the interstate to get to school to try to get to 460, and having trucks constantly coming in and out of there is worrisome. I’m going to worry about my kids that’s for sure,” he said.

There’s no date set for the board to vote, but according to county staff, the earliest they could make a decision is March 27.