GILES COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — Due to concerns about a TikTok trend inspiring kids and teens across the country to post challenges involving the use of an Orbeez gun, Giles High School is cracking down on the possession of this item.

According to Giles High School, several teens across the U.S. have even been arrested for incidents involving Orbeez guns, even though they seem like innocent toys.

As of Thursday, April 28, officials say that Giles High School will consider the possession of any of these “guns” on school property as a policy violation.

Parents are urged to speak with their children about the seriousness of this announcement, adding that students could be suspended, expelled, and/or subject to legal action if they bring these Orbeez guns to school.

“As always, we want to provide you with information concerning the trends that students are exposed to, and we want to work with you on preventative measures for our students,” Giles High School Principal Shelly Boggess said in a statement shared on Facebook on Friday, April 29. “It is regrettable that there are those who would prey on our children through social media, and I thank you in advance for having a conversation with your child about this new threat.”

You can read the high school’s full statement below:

(Photo courtesy: Giles High School)

This news comes after law enforcement agencies in several other states, including South Carolina, reported an increase in reports of people injuring each other — and sometimes children — with toy guns designed to fire gel- or water-based pellets back in March.