GILES COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — Not only did Nancy Fridley — the woman arrested for abduction and child endangerment — visit two other Giles County churches the same day 2-year-old Noah Trout was abducted, but authorities believe she has been casing other places around the region to commit similar acts.

Trout was abducted from Riverview Baptist Church in Ripplemead shortly before noon on Sunday, May 2.

The Giles County Sheriff’s Office says the investigation led them to Fridley’s residence in a mobile home park at 100 Nicholas Drive in Clifton Forge on Monday, May 3. In addition, members of the Virginia State Police Tactical Team performed an operation that led to Trout’s rescue early Monday afternoon.

After EMS checked Trout on scene and sent him to New River Valley Medical Center for further evaluation later in the day, officials say the boy was medically cleared and released to his family.

Fridley was arrested for one count of abduction and one count of felony child endangerment. In addition, her boyfriend — Bobby Lee Taylor — was arrested for one count of abduction.

Taylor was arraigned on Tuesday, May 4 before Fridley was arraigned on Wednesday, May 5.

The sheriff’s office shared some new details with WFXR News on Wednesday in hopes of inspiring more witnesses to come forward.

First of all, authorities say Fridley visited New Valley Fellowship Church and Mountain View Ministries — both in Narrows — on Sunday morning before Trout’s abduction. In addition, Fridley was in the area of both churches about a month before the abduction.

According to the sheriff’s office, the investigation indicates this was a “stranger abduction,” which means Fridley chose Trout at random. There is no credible connection between Fridley and Trout or any of his family members.

At this point, officials say there is no indication Fridley intended to give Trout to anyone in particular.

Nancy Fridley was driving this vehicle when she abducted Noah Trout in Giles County on May 2, 2021, according to authorities. (Photos: Courtesy Giles County Sheriff’s Office)

In addition, Fridley was reportedly driving a charcoal-colored 2007 Chevy Trailblazer when she abducted Trout, which is pictured with a “BOOBER” sticker at the top of the windshield.

“We have evidence, through our collaboration with other agencies and jurisdictions, that Fridley may have been casing other places outside of Giles County to commit similar acts,” the Giles County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement to WFXR News. “We think there are other potential witnesses out there who could and should come forward. We urge you to contact your local law enforcement agency if you’ve had any contact with the woman or the vehicle listed in the photographs.”