BLACKSBURG, Va. (WFXR) — Even though it was a tough defeat for the Virginia Tech Hokies in the Pinstripe Bowl on Wednesday, fans doubled down and shared their reactions to the last match-up of the season.

“I am always excited to be in the bowl game. Earlier this season, I did not expect to even be in the bowl game,” said Dough Mayhugh, a Hokie alum.

Mayhugh and his wife drove from Culpepper and made a pit stop in Blacksburg to watch the game. Both say this season can’t compare to the past ones.

“Frank Beamer was fierce. I mean, he was the Hokie coach of the Hokie nation,” said Mayhugh.

According to Mayhugh’s wife, they are always hoping for things to change and get better. She says that with the COVID-19 season, it was tough for everyone, including the Hokies.

However, their hopeful spirit doesn’t extend to other Hokie fans that were disappointed.

“I was hoping the Hokies was going to wear ’em out. I mean, I don’t understand. Maryland ain’t got anything. There ain’t no sense in it,” said Hokie fan Jordan Page.

According to Page and many other Hokies, the big hope is that next season Brent Pry, the new head football coach, is going to shake things up.