CARROLL COUNTY, Va. (WFXR)– It didn’t take long to find someone in Hillsville who knew Caleb Glick, but once it happened everyone had nothing to say but two exceptionally nice things about him.

Residents of Carroll County say he was a passionate pilot, who was the type of person who would do anything for anyone.

Darin Shupe, one of his closest friends, was with Caleb a little before he left on his flight to North Carolina.

Shupe says it was a flight that his friend made many times, so when he found out what had happened, he couldn’t believe that would be the last time he talked with Caleb.

“It’s just unreal, I just can’t believe it. If he didn’t know you, and you were sick, and you needed to go somewhere, he would have put you in the airplane and flown you there,” said Shupe.

Shupe says Caleb worked on aircraft all his life.

“He was just a good guy who went to church out here at ‘Victory Way Baptist Church,’ he was just good to everyone,” Shupe said.

“A great guy that would talk to anybody and do what he could help, and again people here telling us he will be so missed,” said Shupe.

The Chairman of the Twin County Airport says Caleb was training about 10 young pilots in the area and was the only local pilot who knew specific things about the planes he flew.

A family member over Facebook says he was a fantastic person and very well-loved.