CARROLL COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — To reduce access to cellular devices during class time, the Carroll County Public Schools’ leadership team has partnered with parents and teachers to develop a new cell phone policy for students.

Carroll County Public Schools says this development comes after discussions with principals, teachers, and students have confirmed that cell phone use during class time presents a challenge for many students and teachers.

In an initial survey, many secondary teachers said they believe cell phones are “a significant burden that needs to be addressed with a division-level policy.” Administrators determined 75 percent of disciplinary issues came from inappropriate cell phone use or were made worse by inappropriate cell phone use.

Teachers worked with students to complete a math activity, during which, high school students received an average of 235 notifications per class or 14 notifications per student. On the middle school level, students received an average of 2,800 notifications per class or 31 notifications per minute.

The schools acknowledge some benefits of limiting phone use, like the impacts on mental health and decreasing cyberbullying. However, they also acknowledge the challenges with limiting access like parent-to-student communication in case of emergency or crisis. They also acknowledge the medical reasons a student may need their phones, such as blood glucose monitoring.

School officials say all these factors will be included in the new policy, and assure that a complete elimination of cell phones is not a consideration at this time, but rather restrictions during class time.

Parents are encouraged to participate in the discussion regarding the policy. Feedback can be given by filling out this form until Sunday, April 30.