BLACKSBURG, Va. (WFXR)– The “Fighting Irish” are rolling into Lane Stadium this weekend, and the Hokie nation is ready for what many are calling the biggest match-up of the season!

While Virginia Tech will be holding down their home turf, and Notre Dame fans will be streaming into Blacksburg. Just like football, they are checking the depth chart and bringing in their entire team.

Businesses say they are pumped up and ready. However, they know that on Saturday, Oct. 9, things will be hectic.

A server at Sharkey’s, Alex Milius, says she is excited.

“I believe Sharkey’s is probably going to be the craziest it’s been in a long time, especially after coming off of covid. It is going to be the biggest game of the season,” said Milius.

Another Sharkey’s server, Molly Sutton, says come Saturday, she will be mentally ready.

“There definitely is no shortage of energy, it will be packed, it will be loud, it will be exciting, it will be stressful at some points. But it’s worth it,” said Sutton.

Milius says Sharkey’s has already called in extra staff to make sure they’re ready for anything.

Right down North Main Street, the manager of Mellow Mushroom, says they’ve loaded up on extra pizza dough, so they can go the distance.

“We have been prepping all week. I mean our walk-in is absolutely filled with dough ready to run, and we are just waiting for it to show up. We have about four or five prep people scheduled on the weekend,” said Lance Marshall.

Kick-off for the long-anticipated game with the Virginia Tech Hokies and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish begins at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday.

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