UPDATE 5:45 p.m.: Appalachian Power says workers are continuing their efforts to restore power to customers still affected by outages.

An Appalachian Power spokesperson tells WFXR News that since workers are still, in some cases, assessing the damage to their grid, restoration estimates cannot be accurately be determined.

Crews outside will be dealing with poor road conditions in some areas as well as very cold temperatures leading to refreezing Monday night which will slow restoration efforts.

“Our work is 24/7 so we will have employees out there pretty much constantly working to restore service and to keep service on.” said spokesperson Teresa Hamilton Hall.

The spokesperson said they don’t expect the second round of snow to cause utility problems, however they are keeping a close eye on the conditions.

“We always are concerned about winds because that hinders our restoration efforts. Anytime you have high winds it makes it a challenge and often we’re unable to work from our bucket trucks.”

If you see a downed power line, you are asked to treat it as if it is live and stay away from it.

Get more details on power safety by clicking here.

UPDATE 4:50 p.m.: Power crews continue working to get customers who are currently in the dark, back online.

Here are the latest numbers for the Appalachian Power customers impacted by outages:

  • Franklin County: 4,564 customers
  • Amherst County: 4,020 customers
  • Lynchburg City: 3,376 customers
  • Bedford County: 3,065 customers
  • Nelson County: 2,400 customers
  • Henry County: 2,050 customers
  • Roanoke City: 1,754 customers
  • Botetourt County: 1,491 customers
  • Roanoke County: 895 customers
  • Grayson County: 717 customers
  • Pittsylvania County: 469 customers
  • Giles County: 365 customers
  • Campbell County: 341 customers
  • Floyd County: 267 customers
  • Montgomery County: 216 customers
  • Carroll County: 206 customers

The rest of the region is seeing fewer customers without power.

On Dominion Energy’s grid, the following localities show customers are without power:

  • Appomattox County: 406 customers
  • Pittsylvania County: 294 customers
  • Halifax County: 266 customers
  • Halifax County: 249 customers
  • Campbell County: 134 customers
  • Botetourt County: 109 customers

The rest of the localities are each reporting less than 100 customers without power locality.

UPDATE 3:53 p.m.: Virginia State Police (VSP) provided an update on crashes around the Commonwealth since Monday morning.

According to VSP, they have responded to over 2,000 total calls since 12:01 a.m. on Monday, Jan. 3. In the central and southwest Virginia area, VSP has released the following data from the winter storm.

Appomattox Division104 disabled vehicles97 crashes
Wytheville Division74 disabled vehicles96 crashes
Salem Division116 disabled vehicles111 crashes

Police say they responded to Route 29 in Nelson County after 9:30 a.m. When they arrived they found more than a dozen tractor-trailers stuck in the snow and or involved in a crash.

The heavy snowfall made the northbound lanes of Route 29 in Livingston made it impassable. VSP was able to clear all the vehicles by 12:30 p.m.

UPDATE 2:50 p.m.: Appalachian Power continues to work to restore power across the area, while additional outages are being reported.

As of the latest update, the following outages are being reported on Appalachian Power’s grid:

  • Franklin County: 5,899 outages due to 113 cases
  • Henry County: 4,306 outages due to 133 cases
  • Amherst County: 3,895 outages due to 86 cases
  • Bedford County: 3,376 outages due to 98 cases
  • Lynchburg City: 3,387 outages due to 60 cases
  • Roanoke City: 3,324 outages due to 61 cases
  • Nelson County: 2,403 outages due to 13 cases
  • Botetourt County: 1,616 outages due to 36 cases
  • Roanoke County: 1,052 outages due to 57 cases
  • Pittsylvania County: 946 outages due to eight cases
  • Grayson County: 845 outages due to 27 cases
  • Montgomery County: 806 outages due to 18 cases
  • Giles County: 450 outages due to 22 cases
  • Campbell County: 399 outages due to 38 cases
  • Wythe County: 356 outages due to six cases
  • Floyd County: 355 outages due to 21 cases
  • Carroll County: 248 outages due to 18 cases
  • Pulaski County: 195 outages due to 10 cases

Other counties/localities are reporting fewer outages.

Crews are continuing to work to restore customers who are without power.

Dominion Energy is also reporting outages which include the following:

  • Pittsylvania County: 343 customers
  • Halifax County: 330 customers
  • Appomattox County: 274 customers
  • Campbell County: 142 customers
  • Botetourt County: 114 customers

Other locations in our region are reporting minor outages across their grid.

UPDATE 11:57 a.m.: As snow, sleet, and rain continue to fall around southwest and central Virginia Monday morning, the number of outages and crashes in the Commonwealth has grown significantly.

As of 11:44 a.m. on Monday, Jan. 3, Appalachian Power says at least 34,352 customers are without power due to outages in the following localities:

  • Henry County: 5,060 customers due to 85 outage cases
  • Franklin County: 4,775 customers due to 85 outage cases
  • Bedford County: 4,533 customers due to 287 outage cases
  • Amherst County: 3,361 customers due to 46 outage cases
  • Roanoke City: 2,828 customers due to 50 outage cases
  • Lynchburg: 2,736 customers due to 42 outage cases
  • Nelson County: 2,402 customers due to nine outage cases
  • Botetourt County: 1,736 customers due to 36 outage cases
  • Grayson County: 1,447 customers due to 23 outage cases
  • Montgomery County: 1,203 customers due to 17 outage cases
  • Roanoke County: 927 customers due to 48 outage cases
  • Campbell County: 651 customers due to 70 outage cases
  • Giles County: 650 customers due to 19 outage cases
  • Wythe County: 504 customers due to seven outage cases
  • Pittsylvania County: 451 customers due to eight outage cases
  • Bland County: 416 customers due to three outage cases
  • Floyd County: 331 customers due to 18 outage cases
  • Pulaski County: 168 customers due to 13 outage cases
  • Carroll County: 94 customers due to 16 outage cases
  • Patrick County: 64 customers due to 17 outage cases
  • Galax: 15 customers due three outage cases
  • Craig County: Less than five customers due to one outage case

Dominion Energy says 4,025 customers are dealing with outages in the following localities as of 11:45 a.m.:

  • Covington: 982
  • Alleghany County: 903
  • Pittsylvania County: 750
  • Halifax County: 727
  • Appomattox County: 240
  • Campbell County: 173
  • Botetourt County: 124
  • Charlotte County: 92
  • Rockbridge County: 19
  • Nelson County: 15

As for road conditions, according to Virginia State Police, state troopers were responding to 137 crashes and 119 disabled or stuck vehicles across the Commonwealth as of 10:30 a.m. on Monday.

One of those traffic incidents was a jackknifed tractor-trailer hauling approximately 18,000 pounds of plastic furniture, which blocked off I-64 West in Goochland County, police say.

In fact, according to the Moneta Volunteer Rescue Squad, an officer from the Bedford Police Department slid off the roadway and flipped down an embankment Monday morning. However, that officer is reportedly alright and plans to finish up her shift.

“Please, unless you have no other options, stay home. First responders are doing their best, but response times are delayed,” the Moneta Volunteer Rescue Squad wrote on Facebook. “Certain areas are extremely slick. It’s not worth taking the chance if you can avoid it.”

Between 12:01 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. on Monday, Virginia State Police have responded to 313 crashes — most of which only damaged vehicles, with no fatalities reported at this time — and 277 disabled or stuck vehicles across the Commonwealth.

Of those, authorities say 122 crashes and 142 disabled vehicles were located in southwest and central Virginia divisions covered by Virginia State Police:

  • Appomattox Division: 43 crashes and 45 disabled vehicles
  • Wytheville Division: 31 crashes and 56 disabled vehicles
  • Salem Division: 48 crashes and 41 disabled vehicles

As snow, sleet and rain continue to fall across various regions of Virginia today, Virginia State Police troopers continue to respond to traffic crashes and disabled vehicles caused by motorists driving too fast for conditions. State police is still asking people to avoid driving, unless absolutely unnecessary. The drive is not worth the risk of a crash, getting stuck, injury to your/passenger, or the cost of a repair. 

Corinne Geller, Public Relations Director for Virginia State Police

Meanwhile, Danville Transit buses are now operating on snow routes — primary streets only — due to snow accumulation in the River City.

Danville city officials also released the following update about weather conditions at 11:45 a.m. on Monday:

  • “Snowfall continues in the city, but the National Weather Service reports that the back edge of the winter storm is rapidly moving east, and snowfall should be ending in the next hour. As of 11:30 a.m., Danville had received over 2 inches of snow.
  • Temperatures currently are 33 degrees. They will warm this afternoon to near 40 degrees.
  • The Police Department reports travel conditions are deteriorating. Motorists are advised to not travel if possible. The department has received reports of seven motor vehicle crashes. One motor vehicle accident on U.S 58 West near the city limits resulted in an injury.
  • Public Works snowplow crews are clearing major thoroughfares. Plowing will continue only on the highest traffic volume streets until the end of the snow event.
  • Crews are scheduled for a round-the-clock snow removal operation. When the snow event has ended, the snowplow crews will make a final pass over the main thoroughfares. That pass will take about four hours. When finished with the major thoroughfares, crews then will move to streets that connect to primary routes and bus routes. The final stage will be residential neighborhoods. It will be late evening before crews reach residential neighborhoods. Generally, it takes 24 to 36 hours after the snow event has ended to plow all residential streets. We do not clear private streets and alleys.
  • Danville Transit buses are operating on snow routes. Snow routes are primary streets only. More information on snow routes is available at www.danvilletransit.com.
  • Danville Utilities reports about 6,000 customers are without power. Crews are working to restore service as quickly as possible. Later today, they will receive assistance from crews from Wilson, N.C.”

Over in Lynchburg, authorities say the Region 2000 landfill has closed for the day because of the weather, which means that Public Works crews will not be able to complete Monday’s trash routes or bulk/brush collection.

(WFXR) — Snow is covering southwest and central Virginia Monday morning, leading to thousands of power outages and dozens of crashes, disabled vehicles, and road closures around the region.

As of 9:29 a.m. on Monday, Jan. 3, Appalachian Power says more than 11,700 customers are without power due to outages in the following localities:

  • Roanoke City: 2,424 customers due to 21 outage cases
  • Nelson County: 1,493 customers due to seven outage cases
  • Henry County: 1,398 customers due to 31 outage cases
  • Grayson County: 988 customers due to 15 outage cases
  • Giles County: 816 customers due to 16 outage cases
  • Campbell County: 764 customers due to 21 outage cases
  • Patrick County: 683 customers due to 15 outage cases
  • Amherst County: 553 customers due to 25 outage cases
  • Bedford County: 507 customers due to 20 outage cases
  • Botetourt County: 500 customers due to 16 outage cases
  • Wythe County: 471 customers due to three outage cases
  • Bland County: 245 customers due to one outage case
  • Franklin County: 223 customers due to 25 outage cases
  • Roanoke County: 166 customers due to 18 outage cases
  • Lynchburg: 117 customers due to 16 outage cases
  • Carroll County: 114 customers due to three outage cases
  • Pulaski County: 100 customers due to four outage cases
  • Galax: 89 customers due three outage cases
  • Floyd County: 29 customers due to one outage case
  • Pittsylvania County: 14 customers due to two outage cases
  • Montgomery County: Nine customers due to three outage cases

Dominion Energy says 3,453 customers are dealing with outages in the following localities:

  • Alleghany County: 1,029
  • Covington: 973
  • Pittsylvania County: 857
  • Halifax County: 178
  • Appomattox County: 142
  • Botetourt County: 108
  • Charlotte County: 68
  • Rockbridge County: 57
  • Campbell County: 26
  • Nelson County: 15

At 8:30 a.m. on Monday, Danville Utilities reported about 1,200 customers without power. Officials say that the high winds and snow are making it hard for crews to repair these scattered outages.

As for crashes, state troopers have responded to 82 crashes across the Commonwealth as of 8 a.m. on Monday, according to Virginia State Police.

Authorities say none of those crashes have led to injuries, but there are plenty of stuck or damaged vehicles around the Commonwealth because motorists were driving too quickly for these snowy conditions.

Meanwhile, numerous law enforcement and first responder agencies across southwest and central Virginia have issued warnings about the road conditions in the region Monday morning, with Wintergreen Fire and Rescue even saying that Nelson County roads are in the worst condition in years:

Pulaski County Public Safety says the roads are “extremely hazardous” Monday morning, causing multiple wrecks and road closures throughout the county.

As of 8:45 a.m. on Monday, the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office says roads are completely covered throughout the county, urging residents to stay home if possible.

In addition, the Giles County Sheriff’s Office — which described all roads in the county as “treacherous” at 8:45 a.m. — has reportedly received multiple calls about weather-related crashes and disabled vehicles. Amid reduced visibility from the rate of snowfall and the wind from the storm, authorities urge motorists to slow down if you need to travel.

In Lynchburg, the Department of Emergency Services says several streets are closed as crews try to clear away the snow:

  • Route 501 South is closed at Lakeside Drive because of a tree across the roadway
  • Fieldale Drive is closed at Lexington Drive because of a tree across the roadway
  • The 600 block of Hollins Mill Road is closed between the Black Water Creek trail and McIvor Street
  • Leesville Road/McVeigh is closed due to an incident

Meanwhile, Danville city officials say the changeover from rain and sleet to wet, heavy snowfall began around 8 a.m. on Monday. The National Weather Service reportedly expects the slow to continue throughout the morning.

Public Works snowplow crews are on standby in Danville. As the snow accumulates, city officials say trucks will be prepositioned to plow the major thoroughfares.