MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WFXR) — After more than three years – Martinsville is no longer seeking to revert from a city back to a town.

In at 3 – 2 vote, late Tuesday evening, City Council passed a resolution to “terminate many and all proceedings related to the current petition for reversion of Martinsville from City to Town Status”.

The city has spent “a considerable sum of capital, effort, time, and goodwill” working towards reversion, according to that resolution. It also says, since Council launched process in 2019, subsequent elections have seated a majority that believes the process should be stopped.

The City Attorney and City Manager have been tasked, moving forward, with the business of tying up lose ends, including possibly terminating third-party agreements. The City Manager has been asked to bring any costs associated with ending the process directly to City Council. It will be up to Council to decide what to do after that.

Back in 2018, Martinsville City leaders began talking in earnest about reverting back to a town status. In the time since, the issue has been in and out of the headlines, as well as in front of the General Assembly and Virginia’s Supreme Court.

The shift was not popular with Henry County officials, who, on multiple occasions tried to counter the reversion. As of Tuesday night, County Officials have not commented.