Lynchburg community reflects on anniversary of tornado

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The Lynchburg community is reflecting on how far they’ve come since a tornado hit the city a year ago Monday.

First responders had their hands full with hundreds of calls about destroyed businesses and homes including at the Front wood Mobile Home Park.

“Our job is to make sure that we take care of the public. And that is our primary number one responsibility,” said Chief Greg Wormser with Lynchburg Fire Department.

Chief Wormser says he was at home when a tornado hit and he immediately rushed into work.

“It wasn’t until I was really able to get out of my neighborhood and get on to the streets that I was able to really see the real impact of what the destruction, the real tragedy really was going to be as it unfolded,” Chief Wormser said.

The tornado had touched down at three different spots in the city. The chief normally serves in an administrative role, but for that night it was all hands on deck.

“It certainly kept us busy throughout the night making sure that the public was safe, and over the next couple of days while we helped residents get back on their feet,” said Wormser.

One of them was Tina Hackett whose home was destroyed in the storm.

“It was a very scary feeling. I didn’t know what to think,” said Hackett.

She and her family were sitting on her porch when the storm hit, so they hurried inside.

“It just felt like the trailer just lifted up and just moved. But I had a lot of stuff in there so that’s pretty much what saved it from flipping or turning over or anything,” Hackett said.

Now, a year later she lives in the same mobile home, but a few plots down and she says the city feels different.

“Well a lot’s been done since then, to rebuild or the businesses that were destroyed, they’re rebuilt that or weren’t able to. It’s coming along,” Hackett said.

The chief also says there has been a lot of rebuilding.

“We’re fortunate to have a resilient city, that can pick itself back up dust itself back off and get right back to business,” said Chief Wormser.

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