LYNCHBURG, Va. (WFXR) — The University of Lynchburg is hoping to help hundreds of middle and high school students with their future career and college opportunities.

The university will host Beacon of Hope’s 8th Grade College and Career Readiness Symposium in May.

Executive director of Beacon of Hope, Laura Hamilton talks about how this event helps students understand what college has to offer and how their choices impact their future careers.

Below is a breakdown of the three-day event from May 23-26:

  • Monday, May 23: 200 students from Dunbar Middle School
  • Tuesday, May 24: 190 students from Linkhorne Middle School
  • Thursday, May 26: 180 students from Sandusky Middle School and the Virtual Academy.

There will be four 30-minute sessions that start at 10 a.m. and end at 12:40 p.m. The sessions will discuss topics like College 101, Google Mapping Your Future, and How to Slay in College. Students will also enjoy a college tailgate, which includes lunch and activities in the Dell.

On Tuesday, May 24 students from Jefferson Forest, Brookville, and Amherst high schools will participate in an all-day event, Health Sciences Day. These students will learn about different health sciences in the cadaver lab, at the Anatomage table, in the nursing facility, and in the Doctor of Physical Therapy and PA Medicine buildings.

If you have any questions about Health Sciences Day contact Admissions Director Susan Hogg at 434-54-8305. If you have questions about the Beacon of Hop 8th Grade Symposium call:

  • LBOH executive director, Laura Hamiton at 434-610-8131
  • LBOH associate director, Leidra McQueen at 434-941-3145
  • LBOH director of strategy and programs, Dr. Chris Glover at 434-851-6174