BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — After a now-confirmed EF-2 tornado touched down in Bedford County Friday morning, the community came together to help their neighbors with the clean-up efforts.

“My husband came to me and said ‘Mom’s house is gone,’ which is this one here behind me,” said Jill Hostetter while pointing to a house. “My husband built this with his dad in ’69.”

Hostetter says her stepson was sleeping in bed when the house crashed in around him, his roommate, and a dog on Friday, May 27.

The two men living in the house had minor injuries and the dog suffered a broken leg, but all of this didn’t stop them from coming out to help their community one day later.

Others chipped in to help as well, like Caleb Mast, executive officer of the Bedford County Militia.

“Very important to come out and show that your community can take care of itself and that really, if everyone gives a little bit, it only takes a little while to get things back to normal,” said Mast.

Organizations like Samaritans Purse, God’s Pit Crew, and the American Red Cross were also on-scene, standing by to help.

Michelle Dowdey, the director of the local Red Cross chapter, says her volunteers jumped into action as soon as the storm happened.

“[Saturday], they are meeting with clients. We’ve been able to meet with one homeowner already and get them the assistance they need and some others,” Dowdey said. “We are working with the emergency services personnel here to find out which homes are destroyed and getting in contact with those folks.”

On Saturday, May 28, state and local lawmakers met with the agencies that are helping. After the meeting, WFXR News’ Kylie Kidd walked through the disaster zone with them as they spoke to residents impacted by the tornado.

Along the way, they talked to Gavin Morley, who heard about the devastation and loaded up his truck with food to help those in need.

“Kinda heard God tell me to go and do and make myself available and so I did and I’ve received a few donations from folks, which has been Incredible,” said Morley.

Bedford County Sheriff Mike Miller reminds people that Bethany Church Circle is still blocked to let emergency crews do their jobs. He says people willing to help can call 540-586-7665 to see what residents from the affected community need.