BEDFORD, Va (WFXR) — Animal shelters throughout the community are facing the effects of overcrowding and struggling to keep up with the influx of animals. They are now turning to the community to help.

The Bedford County animal shelter held an adoption event to try to find forever homes for their furry friends.

Friends of Bedford County Animal Shelter (FOBCAS) is an animal welfare non-profit that has been working hard to manage the overwhelming of shelter animals so that every animal gets a chance at finding a home. President Stacy Epperson says one of the biggest issues is a lack of space.

“It’s pretty much been every week we’ve been sending animals to other rescues or other no-kill facilities,” said Epperson.

FOBCAS is working to reduce the number of euthanized shelter animals in a time of serious overcrowding.

Epperson says the influx of animals has been so high– the staff has been busy relocating animals to other shelters.

“Our volunteers have been driving all over Virginia,” Epperson adds.

Volunteers told WFXR they have more cats than they do cages– and several animals are staying in carriers or share cages. FOBCAS is even raising funds to cover costs associated with adoption, to try to encourage people to step up.

“We cover spays, neuters, and vaccines and offer the discounted adoption fees literally just to bring people in,” said Epperson.

Epperson says they even started eliminating adoption fees for cats.

“There’s so many animals that it’s hard to keep up,” said Epperson.

While many families left with a new furry friend, the shelter is still overflowing. Lillian and Jamie Frank came out to show their support. They say deciding to adopt can make new pet owners just as happy as their new pet.

“Adopting dogs is going to make families happy and grow and dogs are really good to people, and we should be good to them, and they need loving homes,” said the Franks.

Riverside veterinary hospital volunteered their skills to deliver over 60 rabies vaccines for only eight dollars per shot– the proceeds went towards covering medical expenses for shelter animals.