FOREST, Va. (WFXR) — From restaurants to cookie shops, businesses are opening their doors across Central Virginia.

On the afternoon of March 24th, drummers celebrated as staff cut their ribbons to mark the official opening of the Yamada Japanese BBQ restaurant.

Owner Koki Yamada, says he wanted to bring more Japanese culture to the city and for people to enjoy the food.

“The first I came here and I seen this city, it was really special,” said Yamada. “It made me feel I should bring more Japanese culture here especially authentic Japanese food. That’s why I’m here.”

According to a Facebook post, the restaurant was founded by Koki’s dad, Mr. Hiroyuki Yamada. Koki inherited the sauce recipe and menu from his family. He then added his own twist of flavor, combining the recipe with the “American lifestyle,” and founded the first Yamada Japanese BBQ restaurant in Lynchburg.

“This is a very new business here. Most of the restaurants Japanese or Chinese or Asian restaurants they have one kitchen, but for us, we have 25 tables each individual is a kitchen” said Yamada.

The bbq restaurant offers lunch combos and dinner options where customers are the chefs. The menu includes a variety of appetizers and has over 12 meat choices featuring pork, chicken, beef, and seafood.

The restaurant is located at 205 Gristmill Drive. For more information about the restaurant and to explore the menu, visit their website.

Yamada Japense BBQ grand opening on March 24th, 2023