NATURAL BRIDGE, Va. (WFXR) — Natural Bridge State Park‘s newest 18-hole disc golf course, along the Thistle Ridge Disc Golf Trail, will be open to the public in June!

Over the past few months, volunteers gathered at Natural Bridge on “Stewardship Saturdays” to clean up and prepare the trail for its grand opening on June 3.

Disc golf, also known as frisbee golf, is a low-impact sport for all skill levels. Much like golf, the game’s object is to get the lowest score possible, but instead of using golf balls, players use frisbees. “Holes” which look like large cages will be set up around the trail.

Players will be able to enjoy a full round of disc golf, as well as learn about the course’s environmental impacts while enjoying the beautiful views of the Blue Ridge. Signs will be posted around the trail explaining how a forest recovers after being cleared out.

The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation explained what eco-conscious efforts were made during the planning of the course, The course includes “environmentally friendly tee pads that consist of 100,000 crushed glass bottles.”

Other features players might find particularly interesting include scorecards with facts about the local birds and trees they will encounter along the course.