LYNCHBURG, Va. (WFXR) — High waters, fallen trees, power outages, and accidents were the results of rainstorms on Friday, June 11.

According to Lewis Lichford, the Fire Chief for Boonsboro Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company, “It’s pretty common when you get a lot of rain like that. The banks get soft, the trees are in full foliage right now and when the wind gets up of course you get all the hard downpours, washes the dirt off the banks and the trees tend to fall because the root system gets compromised.”

Some people say they were left without power for a whole day, others posting a video of floodwaters rushing through their yards.

These were all new experiences for Alex Ratliff, who moved into the Sandusky Square apartments exactly two weeks ago.

“We had no idea the place flooded but the neighbors seemed to know it was going to happen so they gave us a heads up,” said Ratliff.

Lynchburg police officers responded to a car stranded in floodwaters in front of the apartments on Sandusky Drive.

“Next thing we knew, the car got stuck right there and they were floating and one of the neighbors called 9-1-1,” said Ratliff. “As soon as we knew this person was okay, everybody started getting in their cars and leaving.”

Lynchburg Fire and Rescue evacuated 15 other people from the apartments within a matter of minutes.

No injuries have been reported.