LYNCHBURG, Va. (WFXR) — Pastor elder Fletcher Hubbard Sr. was passionate about his family, his community and radio.

“He would get up at five in the morning and rush down the steps every day,” his daughter Bridgette said in an exclusive interview with WFXR. “He was better than the postman. He was there on time — snow, ice, rain sleet, car broke down, didn’t matter.”

“His heart beat for his community and his family,” she said.

Hubbard died Monday, March 27 at the age of 96, after 60 years of waking up the Hill City with gospel and words of wisdom.

“He made everyone famous,” said Bridgette.

She says he had a dedication to hearing everyone’s story and constantly offered encouragement.

“He was always a source of faith always a source of hope,” she said.

Hubbard founded WLLL in the 60s at a time when his daughter says it wasn’t popular for a Black man to be on the radio.

“My father faced a lot of opposition that he overcame with kindness and with his faith,” she said. “He just was so determined that he didn’t stop.”

He became a household name and was famous for his favorite catchphrase, “You’ll be so glad you did.”

“The community is going to miss the great strong tower of light he brought to this region and the strength and the wisdom,” said Bridgette.

Hubbard never retired, working in his radio station until the day he died. That radio station isn’t retiring either says Bridgette, but will carry on his legacy.