LYNCHBURG Va. (WFXR) — This weekend, the Lynchburg Humane Society held a special adoption event for all of their cats and kittens.

After last weekend’s special adoption event for the Lynchburg Humane Society’s dogs, they had to make sure their cats weren’t left out.

The Society had all cat and kitten adoption fees reduced to $15. Amber Cabell, the Senior Manager of Operations says that they were prompted to do this event after seeing last weekend’s turnout.

“We had several people in the community asking about cats at that point, and we definitely have a surplus of cats to offer”, said Cabell.

She says these events are incredibly important to have, especially now that they continue to see higher numbers than they are used to. She thinks that reasons like inflation, landlord issues, and the shelter having their programs and clinics shut down during Covid play a role in the large number of animals that are constantly being brought in.

“This year, we are actually getting in cats pretty steadily. This time of year, we usually have a nice little break from cats.”, said Cabell.

One volunteer says that he has been involved since 2021 and has seen the increase in animals firsthand.

“I’ve also noticed that there’s a lot more cats in each of the condos or the big rooms. I believe, when I got here, it was maybe around seven or eight, and now it’s probably like 10 or more”, said Sage Khuran.

He adds that it is important for people to get involved and volunteer because they need help.

“It’s just a great way to help them out, it’s a great way to get to know people, and it’s a great way to get to know the pets,” said Khuran.

Since the shelter does not have a single day that animals aren’t being brought in, they always need more volunteers, adopters, fosters, and donors.

They had a great turnout at the event this year, more than doubling the number of cats that get adopted on a normal weekend.

If you missed the event, there are still many animals who are searching for their forever home.

You can click here to learn more about adoptions and events at the Lynchburg Humane Society.