LYNCHBURG, Va. (WFXR) — Lynchburg City Council passed a new curfew for minors starting May 26.

The curfew will last until Dec. 1.

The ordinance passed 6-1, with Vice Mayor Chris Faraldi voting against it.

“We don’t penalize an entire group of the city for a select few who are causing deadly problems,” he said.

He’s also concerned about youths’ civil liberties, the lack of public comment on the matter, and whether or not it will be effective.

“A whole, complete review of everything we do, top to bottom, with law enforcement in the city, needs to be undertaken until these folks are found, these gangs are taken care of,” said Vice-Mayor Faraldi.

Councilman Larry Taylor responded to Vice Mayor Faraldi’s take by asking him where he lives in Lynchburg. Councilman Taylor says his downtown constituents are asking for a curfew.

“My constituents asked me for a curfew and they’re going to get one,” he said.

He even advocated that there be a permanent curfew.

Councilman Sterling Wilder, who represents the ward where 6-year-old Kingston Campbell was shot, says the curfew gives officers a new tool and he’s willing to try it. Kingston’s death was brought up multiple times during the discussion of the curfew. Councilman Wilder emphasized that the city needs to communicate with families to assure them that this is not an effort to arrest more young people.

The curfew will run for a roughly 6-month test period before the city can evaluate its effectiveness.