AMHERST, Va. (WFXR) — Looking for a hangout spot in town? The ‘Hangout on Main’ has its grand opening in Amherst on Saturday, March 18th.

After noticing her teenagers driving all the way to Lynchburg to meet with friends, 13-year Amherst resident, Angela Sundaramurthy, took the initiative herself and decided to open her shop right in the heart of Amherst.

‘Hangout on Main’ will serve smoothies made free of high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners, and instead, blend drinks made with love and “100% natural goodness!” Sundaramurthy hopes this will be a community spot where people can stay as long as they please or grab a healthy drink to go.

Sundaramurthy previously ran ‘Hangout,’ a lounge with activities catered to younger folks, and reinvented her small business by redecorating the space, creating a menu of healthy options, and providing the community with a safe getaway.

The new shop hopes to attract guests with comfy chairs, couches, and a relaxed atmosphere. The stage opens a variety of opportunities for community members to express themselves. “I have dreams for open mic, comedy night, poetry, karaoke, and guest artists. I want to have vendor fairs for middle school crafters, and sell young folks’ creations on the gallery shelf,” said Sundaramurthy.

Hangout on Main is not just for the youth! Sundaramurthy recognized there are many lonely adults in Amherst that simply need a place to “wander in and wander out”.

I just want people to know that they belong somewhere

Angela Sundaramurthy, owner of Hangout on Main