LYNCHBURG, Va. (WFXR) — A former Liberty University student has come forward, saying she was assaulted by another student and the university did nothing to protect her or even investigate the incident. However, this ‘Jane Doe’ is one of more than 20 women alleging serious misconduct by the school.

“I think it’s all emblematic of institution-wide problems at the schools,” said Drew LaFramboise, the lawyer for the lawsuit filed on Wednesday, April 27.

The latest Doe — whose lawsuit is more than 50 pages long — says she was sexually assaulted by a fellow student in off-campus housing at a party in April 2021.

According to court documents, Doe reported the incident to both the Liberty University Police Department and the Title IX Office, but they didn’t investigate or provide her any kind of safety accommodations — even when her alleged assailant kept contacting her on campus.

“They have an obligation under Title IX to investigate the incident to protect the survivor of the sexual assault, to provide assistance and accommodations to the survivor of the sexual assault, and to take measures to advance the safety of the school and general student community,” said LaFramboise. “What they certainly can’t do is retaliate against that victim.”

Doe even claims that rather than investigating her claims, the school instead punished her for being at a party where there was alcohol — something prohibited in the school’s code of conduct known as “The Liberty Way.”

Doe says the trauma of the attack and the added scrutiny caused her grades to falter, and she was suspended and eventually forced to withdraw from the university.

“Our client wants to see change at the university,” said LaFramboise. “Even though she’s no longer a student there, she still has a connection to that place. She wants to see Liberty University improve institutionally.”

One student, Lori Nerdhal, says she’s shocked to hear that this happened and Liberty failed to respond.

“It’s super surprising and super heartbreaking that it would happen with the positive Christian environment that Liberty portrays,” Nerdhal said.

WFXR News spoke to four students in total, all of whom say they were unaware of any lawsuits against the school, adding that they feel safe on campus.

WFXR News also reached out to Liberty for comment, who replied by saying, “The university has not reviewed the lawsuit and therefore declines to make a specific, public comment on the suit at this time. Liberty University will certainly address those claims in court.”

It is important to note that, along with the university, Doe is suing the companies that manage the off-campus housing where she says the assault took place, as well as the student accused of assaulting her.