LYNCHBURG, Va (WFXR) — Community members say they have heavy hearts after a 16-year-old was killed in a shooting at the intersection of 16th Street and Taylor Street in Lynchburg on Thursday.

The Lynchburg Police Department (LPD) says the 16-year-old was shot while driving. He then crashed into a telephone pole before being transported to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

One neighbor, Tyke Farrow, says he heard it all happen.

“I heard the crash, and then I heard the gunshots,” said Farrow.

LPD says the incident happened around 1 p.m.

One neighbor, Annette Moore, adds that it’s scary to see something like this happen in broad daylight.

“It’s sad because kids get off the bus here right here around that time, and people are still getting off from work or walking their dogs as maybe I would have been,” said Moore.

Moore has lived in the same home for 50 years. She says the rise in violence she has seen in her community is disturbing, but adds that she is not shocked.

“I’m not surprised at all that this has happened again,” said Moore.

She says she hopes people can come together to find a solution to reduce the violence.