LYNCHBURG, Va (WFXR) — Horizon Behavioral Health is opening up addiction treatment centers in the Hill City, offering specialized treatment for pregnant and postpartum women and their children.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Friday morning at the site of the new facilities on Langhorne Road in Lynchburg.

Horizon Behavioral Health says studies show an increase in opioid abuse by pregnant and postpartum women–which pushed them to open these new facilities to help women facing the perils of substance abuse.

Horizon Behavioral Health’s CEO, Melissa Lucy, says they hope to be a source of support and treatment for women in these situations.

“We want to make sure that we are helping women and their kids to make sure they’re getting the treatment that they need to get their life on track and to make sure that they’re achieving their goals,” said Lucy.

At the ribbon-cutting event, Lucy shared a touching testimony– with the goal of bringing hope to those who are struggling.

“When people hear those success stories it encourages them to try, it shows them that there is hope and that they can succeed, and they can do better, and it makes them want to do better and then their life improves,” said Lucy.

However, a feat like this could not happen without the help from local government. Delegate Wendell Walker from Virginia’s 23rd house district was there to show his support for the new facilities.

“We worked with the challenges that are facing the community out here, so to partner with Melissa and Horizon and the great team she has out here, it’s really a great day for Lynchburg,” said Walker.

Walker says it is important to be the eyes and ears in the community to better understand how to provide resources for services like Horizon. He says whether it is a policy change or funding– the goal is to support mental health aid.

“Partnering with Horizon, working with them, and understanding how we can better service them, that’s what we do from a legislative standpoint. They’re the provider, they do all the hard work, we’re here to help make their job easier,” Delegate Walker says.

One of the new buildings will provide medication-assisted office-based addiction treatment (OBAT). The other is home to the “Project link” a program that offers supportive care to pregnant and postpartum women as well as their families.

“I’m glad to stand with Melissa here today in expanding the services that are so much needed here in the community,” said Delegate Walker.

The new centers are up and running, and ready to help women and families in the Lynchburg community.