(WFXR) — Are you tired of your regular ol’ workout class? If so, there’s a Pilates class in Lynchburg that will have you feline fine!

WFXR News’ Chief Photographer Jemon Haskins got a firsthand look out how people in this ‘purrlates’ class are pawsing to reflect, as well as helping out the cats and kittens at the Lynchburg Humane Society.

According to Pilates instructor Lucy Hathaway, these classes combine two of her passions: physical fitness and her love of helping shelter animals find homes.

Hathaway leads people of all ages and experience levels through one hour of Pilates while the friendly felines wander around the room. On top of that, ‘purrlates’ provides adoptable felines with the opportunity to interact and learn socialization skills.

“People, I think, are leaving feeling, one, stretched, feeling a little more relaxed, and probably just enjoyed themselves for a good hour, just getting away from everything else that happens in life, letting them focus on themselves for an hour,” Hathaway explained, adding that the cats just make it even more enjoyable.

Hathaway tells WFXR News she had proposed doing ‘pupplates,” but with puppies, they get a little extra excited and cause a few more accidents that kittens do.

Even WFXR News’ chief photographer got some quality kitty time when he visited the Lynchburg Humane Society earlier this week, with one little kitten making himself right at home on Haskins’ camera!

So far, the Lynchburg Humane Society has held three ‘purrlates’ sessions since February, with the most recent one taking place on Monday, June 20. You can learn more about any upcoming events by clicking here.