LYNCHBURG, Va (WFXR) — Christmas is right around the corner which, means it’s officially crunch time for holiday shoppers. However, with high inflation and financial concerns, this year’s shopping might look a little different.

WFXR heard from holiday shoppers at the River Ridge Mall in Lynchburg about how they’re faring this year compared to years past. One shopper, Danesha, says this year has proved more financially challenging than others.

“Everything that we’re earning is going straight to bills now, so that does interfere with the shopping, and shopping sprees, and just trying to get everything out like you want to — so it’s just overwhelming,” said Danesha.

While the hustle and bustle of last-minute shopping does still seem to be prevalent, one shopper, Candace, says that high inflation may lead to fewer overall holiday purchases.

“I think it has made the Christmas list very short for a lot of people, for a lot of people all around the board — whether it’s just getting things or not having enough,” Candace said.

Beth Valorz says most of her holiday shopping is done online but came out to the mall for the excitement of shopping in person.

“It actually looks like this mall has stores in it, whereas so many other malls are empty or mostly empty,” said Valorz.

Wendell was heading into the mall when he told WFXR that although this holiday season may look different for shoppers and retailers, he encourages people to focus on what matters most.

“I think people are kinda scaling down, that’s kind of due to inflation just trying to cut costs — and truthfully, it kinda makes us think about the real reason for the season,” said Wendell.

Danesha also emphasized the importance of keeping loved ones close during this time of year.

“Stay safe and just, keep your family close, and just enjoy the holidays,” she said.