UPDATE 1:54 P.M. LYNCHBURG, Va. (WFXR) – The death of 6-year-old Kingston Campbell has left the community saddened after he was shot and killed while playing video games on his bed.

In an emotional statement, Kingston’s mom, Shay Fowler shares memories and special times with her son. Fowler said the following:

Kingston Campbell (Photo Courtesy: Lynchburg Peacemakers)

“my 3rd and final child. i was so excited to be having a baby boy after having two girls already. i fell in love with him at that very moment. then when i had him, he was the most cutest, fattest baby i had ever seen. he came out eating on his hands so i already knew he was going to always want something to eat LOL. growing up he always wanted to eat mcdonald’s everyday. 4 piece happy meal. extra fries. no sauce and a chocolate milk. i used to get mad because i would be like Kingston pick something else to eat 🤣 or he would always say “mom can you make me some noodles” 🤣 it would make me mad because i would cook dinner and that’s what he wanted to eat instead. he was a funny kid too. when he was in kindergarten his teacher use to always say he would be in class doing pushups and flexing his muscles knowing he’s supposed to be doing some work 🤣 he’s always trying to make somebody laugh. he would walk around the house doing silly stuff or start dancing 🤣 Kingston loved video games and electronics. i mean this kid would literally sneak and be up on his nintendo switch at late night hours just so he can play fortnite or roblox. he didn’t care if it was a school night. he just knew when mom comes in and wakes him up at 7:30 for school he better get right on up or he wouldn’t see that nintendo for a few days. he ALWAYS got up and had a good day at school. my baby was such a sweet boy. he loved stuffed animals. we could go in any store, if he saw a stuffed animal he would cry until i got it for him. Kingston had me wrapped around his little finger. he was my weakness. my only son. my youngest child. i will never be the same again. my girls was right beside him when it happened so i know they’re going to need some time to heal as well. to know someone could be so careless and do that to him breaks my heart. i always said i never wanted my son to grow up and be in the streets and i meant that. having Hugh be there for my son since he was 1 no matter what, has helped me out a lot and helped my son be the man he was. he would open doors for me and his sisters. he would pray over dinner for the family. He knew God and i know that’s exactly who he’s with now. Up there singing his big heart out. He had such a beautiful voice to just be 6 years old. I was so shocked when i first heard him sing. I’m hurt that it had to be my child but i pray that no one else has to go through this pain that i have to. It’s going to be a struggle and a long journey ahead for me and my girls. we just want to try to start over fresh in a new environment and hope it helps heal our hearts. We will forever carry Kingston Ah’mon Campbell with us.”

UPDATE 2:05 P.M. LYNCHBURG, Va. (WFXR) – The Lynchburg Police Department released a video of people shooting into a home on Floyd Street where a 6-year-old boy was killed on May 1.

Police say 6-year-old Kingston Campbell was struck in the head by gunfire while playing a video game on his bed. 

Video footage obtained during this investigation shows several unidentified subjects firing multiple firearms into the occupied home and then fleeing on foot down Floyd Street toward 17th Street.

If you recognize any of the individuals in the video shown here, or have any information regarding the incident, please contact Detective T. Hall at 434-455-6155 or Crime Stoppers at (888) 798-5900, enter an anonymous tip online at P3Tips.com, or use the P3 app on a mobile device.

This news has shocked the community, causing individuals to speak out about violence in their neighborhoods.

“There is no snitch code when it comes to senseless violence like this. And, so, the community is going to have to come out and we are going to have to push back. And that’s what it’s going to have to take for us to stop this senseless violence. And you got babies dying, and so if the babies are dying in their sleep can you imagine all of us are at risk,” said Shawn Hunter, President of the Peacemakers of Lynchburg.

Campbell’s stepfather said that children should be able to play outside and have fun, but they’re no longer able to do that.

“Who knows what’s going on outside? And your kids may get hit by a stray bullet because of somebody else’s drama or what else is going on,” said Campbell’s stepfather, Hugh Oulds. “I don’t have no words right now. I’m still trying to figure out what I am gonna do tomorrow, whenever I go to sleep, and I don’t hear him say my name.”

The LPD has also released the following statement:

“The murder of this child is a senseless tragedy stemming from a violent criminal act that has no place in our community. The LPD strives to partner with and protect our residents and visitors daily. To effectively do so, we need those members of our community who have knowledge about criminal activity such as this to come forward. The victim and his family deserve nothing less. Our thoughts are with all those impacted by this tragedy.”

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WFXR) – Lynchburg Police Department is reporting that a juvenile was killed during a shooting that occurred on Floyd Street on May 1.

According to police, around 11:12 p.m. on Monday, officers arrived at the scene of the 1500 block of Floyd Street to find the victim already deceased. Witnesses say they heard five gunshots during what they believe to have been an alleged drive-by shooting. That street is still closed off at this time.

“When I got over here, I found out a 6-year-old was shot in a drive-by, this needs to stop in our city. we need to force these people out. It also starts at home. When we raise our we need to be able to discipline them and teach them to respect others,” said Larry Taylor, Lynchburg City Council member.

The investigation is ongoing, and no arrests have currently been made. Police are asking anyone with information about this incident, who was in the area, or who may have security camera footage to review the footage and to contact Detective T. Hall at 434-455-6155 or Crime Stoppers at (888) 798-5900, enter an anonymous tip online at P3Tips.com, or use the P3 app on a mobile device.

WXFR News will continue to update you with new information as it is released.